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This Wilberry Collectables Rabbit is dressed in a Pink fluffy top with sparkly net skirt, and  pink lined floppy ears. Pop her into your bag or even your coat pocket to join you on your next adventure. Wonderfully collectable and perfect for gifting on any occasion.

Crafted in a mix of durable polyester and linen 

Wilberry’s Collectables are designed to encourage imaginative play a pocket sized soft toy is a friend little ones will never forget.

  •  Materials: polyester, linen
  •  Dimensions: H16cm
  •  Suitable for children 12 months and above
  • Product Code WTWB001512

All Wilberry Toys carry both the “CE” and the “Lion” safety marks.

Wilberry Collectables Rabbit

SKU: 4444000722
Colour: Pink
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