The Classic Pro is the latest of Freed's Classic shoes. The shoe features a V cut vamp, 3/4" shank, forward pitched platform, elastic drawstring, reinforced box and suede insole/sockliner. Suitable for experienced Pointe work students, who require a more technical shoe• Satin upper• Textile lining• Leather sole• Cotton drawstring• Constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components• Platform shaped to an en Pointe angle• Optimum en Pointe position• Freed's Classic Pro insole, graduated design strong under the metatarsal and flexible under the heel• Enables the dancer to feel supported while also presenting the curve of the instep• Extra deep vamp cut to a slight V shape• Light wing block• Strong block and platform• Side cut lower

Ribbons and elastics are sold separately

A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend attending our shop for a professional fitting. We also advise that the Dance Teacher approve the shoe before wearing.


The Classic Pro Pointe Shoe by Freed Style Code SBTCP (Satin Pink)