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For those who require a little more from their shoe, the Classic Wing Block from Freed of London incorporates a wing block for support and smoothness of line and a deep V Cut Vamp to lend support to the metatarsals, yet still allow flexibility.  It features:

  • a wing block for added support for the toe joints,
  • a V-shaped vamp to help keep the weight central and also 'show off' the arch of the instep.
  • a heavier insole which lends added strength to the shoe.

This style is very popular with those students who already have a degree of experience 'En Pointe'.  

Please Note: I strongly recommend that you have your pointe shoes professionally fitted and only order on line once you know your size on completion of your fitting. I am a trained and approved fitter for Freed


The Classic Plus Pointe Shoe Style Code SBTWB

SKU: 3333000376
Colour: Satin Pink
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