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The Classic Pro from Freed of London is a revolutionary shoe which allows for flexibility through the demi pointe, with enough strength to give the required longevity.  By using the platform, banged out by hand, to achieve the optimum angle en pointe, Freed has created a shoe that allows the foot to express itself without the need to "break" the shoe at demi pointe.  It features:

  • a graduated insole - developed to hug the contours of the arch,
  • a deep vamp with lower sides and back to present the foot en Pointe
  • an elastic drawstring to ensure the foot and shoe always work as one.

Freed has designed the multi discipline shoe for today's multi faceted dancers.

  • Product Code FRSBTCP


Please Note: I strongly recommend that you have your pointe shoes professionally fitted and only order on line once you know your size on completion of your fitting. I am a trained and approved fitter for Freed

Freed Classic Pro Pointe Shoe

Colour: Satin Pink
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