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Bloch Prolite II Pink Split Sole Satin Ballet Shoe featuring intense arch support and enhancement, there's no doubt that the Prolite II Satin makes the perfect ballet partner.

  • Boasts the ultimate in arch hugging technology – it's unique design gives optimum arch lift whilst staying in contact with the foot at every movement
  • Superior arch enhancement and support; moving better with the foot
  • Fused neoprene and stretch mesh eliminate excess material at the arch
  • Mid-power mesh promotes optimum breathability
  • Lowered profile design creates a featherweight feel
  • Wide suede metatarsal and heel pads fit to bottom of foot whilst contouring foot-to-floor contact points
  • Product Code BLS0238L

Bloch Prolite II Pink Split Sole Satin Ballet Shoe

Colour: Pink
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