Comfortable and supportive leather teaching shoe with neoprene T-strap, 1 inch heel and suede outsole. Combines unbeatable support with the flexibility of a ballet shoe. Altered instep line reduces strain on the Achilles tendon and calf.

  • The Elastosplit Grecian incorporates the technology from the Elastosplit in a comfortable and supportive teaching shoe
  • Teachers will benefit from the support of a 1 inch heel, reducing strain on the Achilles tendon and calf
  • Increased flexibility and enhanced aesthetic through the elastic support system
  • Incorporates Elastosplit outsole technology
  • Neoprene T-bar upper strapping system reduces pressure on the instep
  • Leather upper
  • Upper design enhances instep
  • Suede outsole for a balance between slip and grip
  • Designed for comfort and a secure fit whilst maximising sound
  • Elastic and leather strap reduces pressure on the instep

Please select your UK size when ordering and we will send you the respective BLOCH size.


Bloch Elastosplit Grecian Teaching Shoes Style Code ES0410L

SKU: 8857015166724